8 Emotional Stages of Buying a New Pair of Boots

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Shopping for boots is an emotional experience. One minute you are super happy and excited about the idea of having that new leather aroma fill up your closet and then, you get overwhelmed– black or brown? Square-toe or snip-toe? So many options! And of course, there’s the final panic, the– did I really get what I wanted? 

One thing for sure, when purchasing boots, you can expect to experience super highs and rock-bottom lows.

8 Emotional Stages of Buying a New Pair of Boots:

1. Excitement

You browse the internet day and night looking at all the glorious possibilities of the perfect pair that will go with all of your jeans, skirts, dresses and shorts. You imagine yourself in red, no blue, no wait, black boots every moment you have free. You build outfits around boots in your head. You only think about boots.

2. Overwhelmed

So. Many. Boots. Should I go with a sassy red pair like Miranda Lambert wore in her video? Or is a neutral brown better? But which brown, tan or chocolate? What brand? What size? What shape?

3. Panicked

You experience a bit of panic when you realize you aren’t sure what a snip-toe, square-toe, narrow square-toe and round-toe boot is. Are they different? How different? Does the shape of the effect the size I need? Can someone just tell me?

4. Disappointed

This is how you feel when you know you have to choose one pair when you want 1,000 pairs.

5. Confused

Wait, what is the difference in a roper and a riding boot? What height do I need? Should I go with a classic western or urban? Can I wear a men’s boot? Do I want to wear a men’s boot? What’s the difference in embroidered and embellished? Is this important?

6. Regret

No matter what pair you choose, you always have a moment of regret that you didn’t choose the right boot. Until…

7. Sheer joy

YOU HAVE NEW BOOTS! And you can’t wait to wear them with everything! And you take pictures of them and post them on Instagram and Facebook.

8. Longing

Sigh. You can’t wait for the next time you get to purchase new boots.