8 Wardrobe Staples That Will Make Getting Ready 10 Times Faster

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These days, I get bogged down with the amount of stuff I have. There are 17 remotes in my living room and only one of them gets used, my husband and I have 28 towels, but there’s only two of us and our closets are exploding with pieces of clothing that neither of us have worn in more than 2 years.

It’s absolute madness.

But, in the midst of all my stuff, I’ve found that a perfect and easy place to begin simplifying my life is in the closet. By creating what is called a capsule wardrobe — a simplified wardrobe with less items — you can clear out all the unnecessary clothing that is cluttering your closet and making getting ready more complicated.

8 Winter Items That Will Make Getting Ready 10 Times Faster:

1. A White Button-Up

White button-ups should be a staple in everyone’s closet. They go with everything, they’re classy and they’re an easy way to make any outfit look put-together.

If you don’t have one, you’re wrong.

2. A Flannel Shirt

Who doesn’t love the look, the feel and the warmth of a good flannel shirt? They are perfect for layering, adding pattern and interest to any outfit and, most importantly, they’re super comfy.

3. A Statement Cardigan

Cardigans are a must for any wardrobe. Not only do they add warmth to your outfit, but they are super cute and easy to pair. And it’s 2016, we aren’t talking about the cardigans Mr. Rogers wore or anything.

4. A Comfy Pullover Sweater

Comfy pullover sweaters are a winter must. Nothing is worse than waking up on a cold winter morning and having to spend an hour getting ready. With a pullover sweater, you literally just have to throw it on and you look good without even trying.

5. A Perfect Pair of Jeans

Finding the right jeans is hard, but once you spend the time searching for the perfect fit, your closet and your butt will thank you.

6. A Warm Coat

During the winter months, your coat becomes a staple piece in every outfit you wear, so having a coat that is versatile is key. 

7. A Puffy Vest

Puffy vests are super warm, cute and are a perfect alternative for a coat. 

8. A Great Pair of Boots

Boots and winter are a perfect combination. Boots not only create protection and warmth for your feet, they are statement pieces and give every outfit a little extra flair.

Check out Country Outfitter’s website for more outfit inspiration.

Image source: Country Outfitter