7 Actual Swimsuits You Can Buy and Wear to Your Local Pool (Until They Kick You Out, Probably)


If you thought Guy Fieri’s frosted tips on a swimsuit were bad (or good), you haven’t seen anything yet. Forget the Disney Princess bikinis, too– these swimsuits are actual statement pieces.

7 Actual Swimsuits You Can Buy and Wear to Your Local Pool:

1. Hairy Chest

Oh, wow. Just. Oh, okay. Sure.


2. Hairy Chest II

If the first hairy chest wasn’t tan enough for you, don’t worry. There’s this one.


3. Shocked Trump

Is President Donald Trump shocked because his face is on swimsuit? We are.


4. Meat

I get it, but woof.


5. Tiger’s Mug Shot

Can you imagine staring at this at the pool all day?


6. Borat

Not just Borat– Borat with hair!


7. Putin’s Smirk

Vladimir Putin’s side eye and neck rolls on your body. Literally.


Lauren Cowling
Born and raised in the South, Lauren grew up going to football games with her family and eating overcooked steak. When not writing, Lauren enjoys reading biographies, searching for pictures of puppies on the internet and drinking Sprite.

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