4 Color Combinations That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

4 Color Combinations That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

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We’re all given one eye color, but we’re also given endless opportunity to customize our makeup patterns to highlight our natural beauty. It’s easy to throw on whatever pencil you have lying around the bathroom in the morning and call it a day, but careful choice of the colors you use on your eyes can bring out new shades or highlight existing ones. Try these color combinations to really make your eyes shine.

4 Color Combinations That Will Make Your Eyes Pop:

1. Green Eyes

Although often confused with hazel eyes, green eyes still exist in many people all over the world. To accentuate existing green eyes or to bring out tones in eyes that are only slightly green, use shades of red to contrast with the existing green. Plum, burgundy, violet, and pink are all powerful colors when used in combination with green. Make your eyes pop and enjoy that double take effect when someone meets your eyes.

2. Blue Eyes

With the mixing of different cultures and races, blue eyes are slowly on the decline. As of now, though, 8% of the world population still has blue eyes. What should you do to call some extra attention to your baby blues? Use shades of orange, including peach, apricot, bronze, and even some browns. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best with your particular shade.

3. Brown Eyes

With over 55% of the world population sporting some variation of brown eyes, brown is the most common eye color across the globe. And, as a dominant genetic trait, it’s sure to remain so for many years to come. Brown eyes are also the most flexible in color schemes. Shades of blue work best, but brown eyes can also be accentuated using neighboring shades of purple and green as well. Mix and match to see what works best for you.

4. Hazel Eyes

With varying colors ranging from a greenish hue, to brown, to yellow, hazel eyes are hard to pin down. Because of this, many different colors work well with hazel eyes, depending on which colors you want to accentuate. If you want the green in your eyes to really show, try shades of violet and pink. For brown, blues can really help. The cool thing about hazel eyes is that you can almost ‘choose’ your eye color depending on the day and your mood. See how many different colors you can show off.

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No matter what color you’re sporting, use of the color wheel is always a great idea. Remember your school art classes, and have fun!

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