4 Brilliant Hair-Tie Clothing Hacks Everyone Should Know

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I don’t know about you, but I have an insane amount of hair ties — thin, thick, micro, cloth, you name it — lying around my house. It’s like once I misplace one, I think I’ve lost them all and I go out and buy another jumbo pack.

Anyone else?

Well, since I have all those hair ties at my disposal, I’ve been forced to get a little creative with them, and what I’ve found out is that hair ties are actually super useful for things other than hair — who knew?

4 Brilliant Hair-Tie Hacks Everyone Should Know:

1. Keep Your Zipper Up

There are plenty of ways to fix a faulty zipper, but this, in my mind, is definitely the easiest — and I always have a ton of extra hair ties lying around.

2. Expand Your Waistband

While this video is entitled “How to Extend Your Pants for Early Pregnancy,” this helpful hack is useful for anyone who has accidentally shrunk their jeans in the wash, gained a few unapologetic pounds or just eaten too much.

3. Keep Rolled Sleeves in Place

This hack works really well for oversized shirts and sweaters. The key is to make sure you get a thicker cloth hair tie or you stretch your thin hair tie out so it doesn’t cut off your circulation.

4. Keep Off-the-Shoulder Tops in Place

Off-the-shoulder tops are super in this summer, but keeping the top in place is more than complicated. With this easy hack using only two hair ties and a few safety pins, you will never struggle with this annoying issue again.