Dad Bod Fanny Packs Are a Thing and We’ve Officially Seen It All

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When we saw one piece swimsuits that look like hairy chests or Donald Trump’s face, we thought we’d seen it all. But then came the DadBag. AKA, the fanny pack literally no one asked for.

The DadBag was designed by a 27-year-old out of London who was “inspired” by the dad bod fad. He wanted to make it to where literally anyone could have a hairy beer gut if they so please, because why not?

While the bags don’t actually exist yet, the designer hopes to start a Kickstarter campaign soon so he can put them into production.

Oh and don’t worry, he hopes to make them in several variations so you can find the perfect DadBag for you.

While I’m mainly really grossed out by this concept, I’m also a little intrigued by the possibilities that could come from it. I mean, would someone really want to pat this down if you wore it to a festival or event at the risk of it not being a fanny pack and being your actual stomach? Talk about awkward.

We’ll be patiently waiting to see where this one goes.