DOs and DON’Ts: New Year’s Eve Makeup

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If a party is involved for ringing in the New Year, we’ve got a few tips to help your makeup look so perfect, your friends will ask who your makeup artist is! There are a few don’ts along the way, but our goal is to help you create a look that will last all night long!

DO try something more daring than you wear on a day to day basis! This is the time for a bold look!

DON’T wear head-to-toe glitter. Glitter dress, glitter shoes, glitter hairspray & glitter makeup is just too much sparkle for one girl. Choose one and be done.

DO spend more time than usual on your foundation. You need it to last past midnight, so take those extra steps to make it stay!

DON’T be that lazy girl who waits to the last minute to plan her hair. It never ends well.

DO dress up your nails! A fun manicure is a great way to ring in the New Year!


DON’T try something new without practicing it first! We are all about a new look, but trying to perfect the cat eye liner twenty minutes before your date arrives is probably going to result in tears.

DO consider waterproof mascara and eye shadows. If you want your look to last, waterproof is the way to go.

DON’T forget to pack a hand held mirror to check for touch-ups.

DO get a sexy blowout the day of the NYE event. Then all you have to do is shake and go!

DON’T forget your lips. Hopefully you will be ringing in the New Year with a kiss and dry, parched lips aren’t sexy.

DO wear a nude lip if you opt for a very bold eye makeup look. You don’t want the two competing for attention!


DON’T let an oily shine ruin all those fun selfies! Keep blotting tissues in your clutch or use a self-setting foundation for minimal shine.

Have fun and above all, enjoy ringing in the New Year!

Photo credit: BigStock Photo