Fashion Editor's Guide to Traveling in Style

Fashion Editor’s Guide to Traveling in Style

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We all want to be comfy when we travel making it very tempting to simply throw on our favorite yoga pants and call it a travel day. It’s not like we are going to see anyone we know, right? As comfortable as yoga pants and a hoodie are, there is no need to check your fashion sense at home. This guide will show easy ways to travel both comfortably and with the flair of a fashion editor!

Wear a Hat

Nothing styles up an outfit faster than a hat. Whether it’s a straw fedora, funky military cap, or a newsboy cap, this easy to wear travel accessory makes your look pop while hiding “I had an early flight”  hair.

Infiniti Scarf

Scarves are awesome, but every fashionista knows their best friend is truly the infinity scarf. Throw a wild print or vivid hue around your neck for effortless style. No tying skills are required. Not to mention the bonus advantage of not worrying about the scarf slipping and sliding or even falling off.

Large Handbag

A large handbag is a MUST when traveling!  Throw in your necessities such as medications, kleenex, lip balm, book/magazine, snacks and a bottle of water. If checking luggage, consider putting a small make-up kit, toothbrush, a pair of unmentionables, and even a simple dress in your bag. This may seem like overkill, but if you’ve ever had an airline lose your luggage, you will totally understand this suggestion! Remember Gaylord Focker in the Meet the Parents? Yeah…that. Function and style, you can’t go wrong!

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Up Your Fashion Sense with Simple Jewelry

Choose jewelry pieces that complement each other and wear them with everything! You’d be surprised at how big a difference a set of mid-length earrings and multi-toned chain can make. A black t-shirt and a pair jeans can suddenly give the appearance of “high fashion” with a simple piece of jewelry.

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Manicured Nails

Your hands are always on display – allow them to be your best accessory not your worst nightmare. Something about manicured nails just say, “This girl is put together”. Keep in mind that a simple mani such as a french manicure will maintain a fresher appearance even with a few knicks. Darker manis may show chips and look disheveled more quickly. So keep it simple when on the road.

A Great Pair of Shoes

By great, we mean both comfortable and stylish. You don’t want to be running gate to gate in 4-inch stilettos. Luckily, you don’t to have sacrifice style for comfort. We love these Frye flats especially for that awkward, “remove your shoes” bit of going through security. A flat is easy to remove and easy to slip back on making that TSA check a breeze!

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Will you try any of these tips the next time you travel?

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