No One Can Agree On Whether These Shoes Are Pink and White or Grey and Teal and It’s That’s Dress From 2015 All Over Again

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Remember in 2015 when that picture of a dress went viral because people were LOSING THEIR MINDS trying to decide if it was blue and black or gold and white? It was a dark, stressful time for the Internet.

But have I got some great news to share with YOU! Another color controversy is here, and it’s equally as stressful as the dress of 2k15. People are in a great debate over whether these shoes (pictured below) are pink with white laces, or grey with teal laces. For me, they appear to be grey and teal at first, but then as I look more and adjust my focus, they look pink and white. What kind of witchcraft…

In true Internet fashion, the Twitterverse is in a big feud over the issue, because we don’t have more important things to be discussing. Some people were actually getting pretty heated, because THEY ARE RIGHT and EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG, of course.

Thankfully, the person who originally posted the stress-inducing mind trick of a photo gave everyone the truth with a clearer, brighter image of the shoe, so we can all sleep at night. But up until then, this is what was happening.