People Are Roasting This Balenciaga Skirt For Looking Like a Car Mat And It’s Hilarious


Well folks, I can officially say with confidence that I will never, ever fully understand the world of “high-fashion.”

Seriously– even when “high-fashion Crocs” came out, I thought they were ridiculous, but if I tried really hard, I could see some merit in them. And when Taco Bell partnered with Forever 21 to make a clothing line, I thought it was insane, but I could also understand that people really like Taco Bell and they might want to rock a Taco Bell crop top. To each their own.

But Balenciaga recently debuted this skirt as part of their autumn/winter 2017 collection, and people were quick to note that the skirt looked REALLY familiar– but not because they’d seen it on the racks before.

Marketed as a “embossed leather skirt,” people couldn’t help but notice that the skirt has a striking resemblance to rubber car mats.

Yes, a car mat like this:

Honestly once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

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Naturally, people were pouring hilarious comments out onto Instagram and Twitter about the “high-fashion, runway approved” skirt, and it makes me just really love the Internet and all the people who have access to it.

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