How to Find Jeans Perfect For Your Body

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We don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship when it comes to jeans. But when a girl finds a pair that fits her perfectly, she is in that relationship for a lifetime! There are few basics you need to know that will help you pick he perfect pair of jeans every single time!

How to Find Jeans Perfect For Your Body: 

1. Don’t pay attention to labels.

Sizes vary from brand to brand and even cut to cut within a brand. We’ve seen curvy girls who find that slim cuts or skinny jeans fit better and slim girls who rock the curvy jean like a pro. Don’t let useless labels discourage you. Instead, look for a brand’s fit guide to help you navigate their sizing. This one by Rock & Roll Denim is a great example:

2. Pocket placement is more important than it sounds.

Whoever said large back pockets fool the eye into thinking the butt is smaller never tried on jeans with large pockets that were set too high or too low. Do not forget to check out the rear view when trying on jeans!

3. Dark denim is THE BOMB.

Y’all, it is flattering on everyone! It subtracts the pounds without stepping on any type of cardio equipment. How can you beat that? A dark jean also appears more polished making them a win.

4. Don’t succumb to what the current fad is.

If skinny jeans are “in” but a boot cut looks best on you. Wear the boot cut! It’s always “in” to look your best.

5. Highlight your best assets: 

If you want to slim your legs:

  • Boot cut jeans with a slight flare make thighs appear slimmer.
  • Dark denim elongates the leg.
  • A uniform wash. Think monochromatic. One color makes things appear slimmer and longer.

If you want to appear taller:

  • A higher rise will “lengthen” your legs.
  • Boyfriend jean. Just choose one that has a closer fit.
  • Trouser jeans. Typically longer with a slight flare, these jeans are the ultimate for adding length.

If you want to create curves look for:

  • Flap pockets give a little lift to your bottom half.
  • Skinny jeans hug your figure giving you the appearance of curves.
  • Light wash. A lighter jean creates the look of a curvier body.

We hope you found this helpful and you find the perfect pair of jeans soon!

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