How to Have Cool Fall Style When It’s Still Hot as Hell

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The shoe stores feature stunning leather boots. Magazine models show off beautiful sweaters paired with snazzy wool skirts. You are tempted. You would like nothing more than to pull on some cashmere, but you live in the South, and it is still hot as hell! Depending on your exact location, it is probably also unbearably humid. You may not be able to break out the wool or your Uggs, but you can embrace the feelings and colors of fall.

Here are some tips for beating the heat:


Trade out your white jeans for a distressed light wash. You can even try an unexpected color like gray. They won’t make you warmer than your white jeans, and they will look more like autumn. A short sleeve medium wash denim shirt with a print skirt also helps keep you cool while conveying a more wintery look.


Welcome fall by opting for ballet flats instead of sandals. Spice things up with an interesting patterned fabric shoe. While suede boots might be a month or two away, you could wear cowboy boots or short leather booties with a denim skirt. If you just can’t bear to part with your sandals, opt for a deep red or fun purple nail polish instead of bright pink.


You probably feel like long-sleeves would induce melting, but you can pull it off if you choose a very sheer fabric. Wear a coordinating tank underneath, and you should be fine. Three quarter length sleeves can also provide a more seasonal look, while not making you quite as hot.


A basic black pencil skirt can take you almost anywhere, but still keep you cool. Lace is another option with a lot of possibilities as long as you stay away from white.


A light weight scarf can really complete an outfit. Avoid pastels, and go for something like a bold animal print or interesting stripe.


It’s hard for anything camo to look summery, so it’s a great print for fall. Consider camo skinny leg pants with a black sleeveless top or a camo mini skirt with a simple white t-shirt.


Here is where you can really make a statement. Go ahead and get out the suede! Keep in mind, this only looks good if you have followed the other tips. If you are clinging to white shorts and flip flops, you will look silly with a fringed chocolate suede bag.

While you are wishing for cooler weather, you can still go shopping and find some fun items to add to your wardrobe for minimum sweat and maximum style.