How to Pick the Perfect Weekend Clutch

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Every true fashionista has an arsenal of purses at her disposal. From large totes to the smallest clutch, the perfect purse is an important accessory to the perfect outfit. When your workweek is done and you have big plans for the weekend, you will probably need to change purses before setting out.

While you probably need a larger purse or even a tote to haul around your workday essentials, a smaller clutch is often perfect for the weekend. With so many different types of clutches available, it can be hard to choose which one is perfectly suited to your needs. Once you have settled on style, you just have to find the right color. There’s no need to worry about not having what you need on hand. Buying a new purse is the perfect excuse to go shopping!

What Is a Clutch?

Traditionally speaking, a clutch is a small purse that doesn’t have a handle. You have to hold or “clutch” it. These are small and easy to hold bags that contain only the most basic essentials. Traditionally, they’re only large enough to hold a handkerchief, a tube of lipstick and a couple of dollars in cash.

Popular Types of Clutches

There are different types of clutches, and they’re all widely popular. One of the reasons for their enormous popularity is that after a week of lugging around a heavy tote, it’s nice to carry something lighter. The type of clutch you choose will be determined largely by the types of activities you will be engaged in while carrying it.

Traditional Clutch

The traditional clutch is perfect for a formal occasion or a date. Choose one that complements your outfit’s main color, but don’t try and match the color perfectly. When in doubt, a black or beaded clutch is a great option.

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Clutch with a Pop of Color

The original wristband clutch was designed to allow ladies an easier time holding their purse while dancing, and it’s still very popular for that. This is the perfect option for an evening of dancing with your special someone or just drinks with the girls. For a more casual and fun look, choose a wristband clutch that contrasts with your outfit and provides a pop of color.

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Casual Wristband Clutch

It should be noted that wristband clutches are also very popular for running weekend errands. You can take your most essential items with you, and the wristband leaves your hands free when necessary. Choose one with a built-in wallet feature to help keep your credit cards and identification organized. Selecting a neutral tone allows you to pair it with any outfit you might be wearing on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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Fold-Over Clutch

A fold-over clutch is perfect for the woman who needs a larger clutch with a handle. These have a built-in handle and are generally larger, but the top folds over, making it the perfect clutch for the woman who needs more in her purse than a traditional clutch can handle.

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What type of clutch will you be taking out with you this weekend?