How You and Your BFF Can Dress Like Maddie & Tae

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Maddie & Tae made waves in the country music industry with they released their hit single, “Girl in a Country Song.” The song is about not being the stereotypical girl that is often portrayed in “Bro Country” music. It empowers girls to not be objectified and to be known for who they are, not what they look like.

So how can you and your BFF dress like Maddie & Tae? Like this:

1. The same, but different.

2. The same but different, again. 

3. Really different.

4. Within the same color family. The same but different.

5. Different-ish. 


6. Silly. 

7. The same but different. With guitars. 

8. Different, but the same.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@maddieandtae