How to Totally Rock Crazy-Colorful Jewel-Toned Hair

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There have been all kinds of funky hair color trends making the rounds as of late, such as oil slick hair, fire hair and even unicorn hair. If none of the above are for you, whey not try out some jewel tones, also know as deep purples, blues, greens and reds?

This trend can be interpreted any way you want — you can go for a subtle pop of color or dye your whole head bright blue. Whatever floats your boat.

Check out some photos of the colorful look, below, as well as an at-home tutorial at the end of this article.

How to Totally Rock Crazy-Colorful Jewel-Toned Hair:

1. Go for an almost solid color.

2. Try some hidden colors.

3. Rock this subtle, but totally awesome look.

4. Go all out.

5. Try a solid and almost natural-looking color.

6. Try two colors people might not think go together (but they totally do).

Jewel Tone Ends Tutorial:

If leaving it to the professionals isn’t your cup of tea, check out how to bleach the bottoms of your hair and dye them purple to achieve a DIY version of the jewel tone hair trend.