Kanye West Launched an E-Comm Site and It’s Just 8 Pairs of Shoes Only Kim Kardashian Would Wear

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Kanye West, rapper, influencer, reality TV husband and Taylor Swift antagonizer has finally brought his great genius to the masses.

Great genius being his second season designs from YeezySupply.com. And if you’re in the market for an overly-priced super high heel to wear in the desert– get to shopping!

If khaki isn’t your color, Kanye does offer up a clear option and two pairs of black shoes. The site says the shoes are “gold” and not khaki, which maybe they are gold, because the “HIGH KNIT BOOT WITH OPEN TOE GOLD” is listing for $995. That’s US currency, so those shoes better be made out of solid gold from Fort Knox.


Kanye is also offering up a zine for $120. If you’ve been looking for the perfect coffee table piece and you’re trying to tell your friends and family how varied your interests are, particularly when it comes to photos of sweaters with holes– this is your zine.