Reba’s Custom Boot Wall in her Closet Holds 85 Pairs of Boots and is Everything We Imagined it Would Be

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Recently we found out that (to no surprise), Reba has over 80 pairs of boots with their own “special closet.” Now, we’re getting a glimpse inside said closet and holy wow.

The wall holds at least 85 pairs of boots ranging in height, style and color. According to People, the oldest pair in the closet are some she got in 1976– but now her boot wall is being filled up with boots from her very own “Reba by Justin” boot line with Justin Footwear.

“I wanted a variety of boots I could wear on stage. Then I wanted a pair of boots for the girls to run barrels in. Then I wanted some sneakers for when they get through loading their horse up in the trailer, take their boots off, get their tennis shoes on and drive home,” she said of her Justin Footwear collection.

Reba by Justin

Next to boots, Reba told People that her collection of jeans is massive at over 100 pairs.

“I keep thinking I’m gonna give them away, but my weight fluctuates 5-10 pounds throughout the year. You have your heavy jeans, you have your skinny jeans,” she said. “I have my bell bottoms, I have my cut-offs that I tuck into my boots and I have black, dark blue washed, heavy washed and I have my light blue jeans and then I have white.”

Preach, sister.