10 Outfits Reba Wore on Stage That You Have to See to Believe


After announcing their headlining tour, Little Big Town was asked during a press conference what plans they had for the fans. Kimberly Schlapman answered, “we’re going to do it up big– like Reba!”

Reba has been doing it up big since she released her first album in 1977. She’s had too many No. 1 albums and singles to count, sold 80 million albums worldwide, starred in movies, on Broadway and at any given moment in time, her sitcom “Reba” is playing somewhere in the world.

Reba is the queen and she’s always dressed the part. Her big, bold outfits set the standard for stagewear and stage presence and even now, we kind of can’t believe she wore some of them. But, that’s because it’s hard to understand genius.

10 Outfits Reba Wore on Stage That You Have to See to Believe:

When Reba was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry she went full quilt and shoulder pads. 

Lauren Cowling
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