How to Turn an Old Pair of Jeans into an Adorable Pair of Cutoff Shorts

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Summer is finally almost here and, with that, comes the excitement of a cute, fun, breezy summer wardrobe — but who has the budget or the desire to spend money on new clothes?

Well, with this fun and easy DIY tutorial, you will not only be able to save your hard-earned money, but you’ll also be left with a super cute addition to your summer wardrobe. Using only an old pair of jeans (which we all have lying around somewhere), a pair of scissors, a Sharpie, a sandpaper sponge and some optional no-sew studs, you can totally transform a useless pair of denims into your new favorite pair of cutoff shorts.

Also, with this tutorial, you can get as creative as you wish. Add studs, rhinestones, embroidery, you name it, and truly make these shorts your own.