Should You Wear Boots in the Summer

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Yes! Yes, you should wear boots in the summer.

Sandals, flats, and heels are what women usually think of pairing with summertime outfits. While these are the obvious choices and are great wardrobe staples, there is no reason why you have to give up your boots during the warmer months! Boots can be a great addition to summer looks. They can offer your feet more protection in certain situations (from nightclubs to movie theaters) and can actually keep your toes cooler than some sneakers or flats (extra room for air circulation!). Not to mention that some people just prefer the way that boots look and feel!

Okay, so we’ve established that boots are fun, sexy, and fabulous and shouldn’t be condemned to winter – but wearing them in the heat can take a little extra fashion know-how. So how do you go about pulling it off? Here are a few tips on wearing boots in the summer.

Think About Color

Though your black and dark brown leather boots are perfect for winter, think twice before pairing them with summer dresses and skirts. Instead, go for light brown or tan boots that won’t draw all the attention to your feet. If you’re really feeling daring, get a pair of white leather boots!

Get Western

Cowgirls wear boots all year round, even in the thick southern heat. Great boots have breathability built in. Our editor once forgot boot socks for a hot day visiting a farm and wore her Ariat Heritage Western R Toe boots 10 hours straight.

I half-expected my feet to be swimming in sweat and smelling less than delightful, but after a full day hiking from chickens to sheep and back to the barn my feet felt fantastic and honest-to-goodness did not even stink. No kidding.

– Stephanie

Western style boots look best in summer, and though they’re made of sturdy leather, they’re designed to be worn both barefoot and with winter socks or tights. They pair well with pretty much anything, from a denim skirt to a lightweight dress.

Avoid Height

While your thigh-high boots look smashing in December, they shouldn’t be the ones you pull out in June. Go with your short boots – anywhere from ankle to knee-high. They make your legs look sexy and will help you stay cool in the heat.

Add Some Pizazz

Keep your outfit simple and jazz up your look with a funky ankle boot. Now you can find them in animal prints, with cool straps, fringes, or buckles, and in bright, vivid colors. These help to lighten up boots for fresh, summer looks.


The bottom line is that summer boots should look and feel lighter than winter boots. Make sure to follow these tips and you can make your boots work all summer long.

Would you wear boots in the summer?

What is your favorite way to rock summer boots?