The Best Narrow Shaft Boots to Flaunt Your Slim Legs

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Boots that Fit and Flatter

The quest for narrow shaft boots can be frustrating at times. Most boots available usually have the standard 15 to 16-inch shaft circumference, which make them more ideal for athletic women. Fortunately, the fact that some women have narrow calves is not completely lost to us.

Narrow shaft faves: Old Gringo “Sora” $550 // Dan Post “Vintage Bluebird” $269 // Corral “Honey Western” $249

Featuring the same stylish appeal of all boots, the collection of narrow calf boots has a 13-inch shaft, which makes it the ideal choice for women with slimmer legs. After all, with badly fitted boots, looks are the least of your problems. Loose boots can cause blisters and aching feet. Aside from that, ill-fitted leather boots will crease more easily around the ankle area.

To find the right calf fit, you have to measure around the fullest part of your calf using a cloth tape measure. If your calf measurement is less than 14 inches, then you should be shopping for boots with narrow calves unless you’re going for a baggy look.

How Wide is Too Wide?

If you love the boots-over-jeans look, buying boots that are a little loose around the calf is the norm in order to have some room for the extra bulk of tights or jeans. However, the question is: how much extra shaft space is enough?

In general, up to two inches of extra space should look okay, if you are going to wear the boots over tight or skinny jeans. Just make sure that you go for boots that distribute well around the calf area. This is the best attire for women who want to disguise their thin calves with the latest fashion statement.

If you want to flaunt your slim calves, however, there are narrow calf boots of every conceivable design and color that fit slender calves perfectly. Which boots would suit your fancy?

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