What to Wear Black Friday Shopping

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There are two types of women in this world. Those who fight the Black Friday crowds in search of the best deals and those who don’t participate. We tend to relate more to the former and love the experience to really get into the holiday spirit. We know, we know. There are always stories of fist fights and arguments, but we prefer to believe that the holiday season brings out the best in us all and enjoy the day in spite of the negatives.

So, what should you wear while shopping on Black Friday? Comfort is key! We’ve heard the rumors that these shopping trips can last upwards of 18 hours!


KISS or keep it simple silly is theme of this outfit. The idea of layering a vest over a simple tee is brilliant. Sometimes the stores can get warm with more people than normal so if you tend to get hot, you may want to layer so you can shed items as the day (or night!) wears on. A crossbody handbag is a must to keep those shopping hands free! Do we even need to mention the comfortable Uggs? Comfortable shoes should be a no brainer. P.S. Don’t forget your cell phone so you and friends can keep up with each other.


Workout Attire

Who are we kidding? Black Friday shopping should be considered a workout! That makes workout clothes perfectly acceptable to wear on this marathon of a day. Joggers have a made a huge comeback and lend a slightly more put together look than a plain sweat pant. Sneakers are a necessity to keep feet comfy with all the miles you will be putting in and a casual backpack is the perfect alternative to a purse. Keep those accessories simple and you are ready for the day!


Dressy Casual

Dressy casual may sound like an oxymoron, but it is a real thing! Not quite casual, but not quite dressy. It’s right in the middle. We imagine the fashionistas in your life will dress like this. Stylish boyfriend jeans and cute tennis shoe/loafers. We love the unexpected mix of leopard and plaid to give the outfit an updated look.


This is what all the smart people will be wearing while at home shopping online! Have fun people! It’s the holidays!

What do you wear while Black Friday shopping?