What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day

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If you want to polished while still be comfy after stuffing your face with turkey and dressing at your family Thanksgiving gathering, one of these 5 outfits is perfect for you.

What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day:

1. Long and Loose Poncho Sweater

Yes, this is a sweater and a poncho all in one. We love this because you can totally go for that second or third dessert and still be comfortable. You can’t go wrong with this look!

2. Aztec Poncho

Are you seeing a pattern here? Ponchos are basically perfect for turkey day! This one with a muted Aztec print will go with anything you decide to pair it with. Even if you opt for leggings or yoga pants.

3. Lace-Trimmed Sweater

Not only is this sweater lace-trimmed, it is loose, but still very fashion forward. And that’s just what we all need after eating Grandma’s mashed potatoes and gravy.


4. Southwest-Inspired Kimono

We can’t decide what we like best about this kimono, the bold color or the shape. It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it is stunning!

5. Fur-Lined Vest

This is such a fun vest! Pair it with your favorite plaid shirt and jeans for a casual look. Or if you have a fancy-pants Thanksgiving, you can wear this same vest over a cute dress. Versatility, ladies.

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Image Source: Country Outfitter