Here’s What Really Happens When You’re on “Fixer Upper”

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If you’ve ever watched an episode of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” you’ve probably wondered how it all works– how you get picked, what stuff you actually get to keep once Chip and Joanna leave, and so on.

Luckily for all of us, a woman who appeared on season three of “Fixer Upper” opened up to PopSugar about the experience, and there’s SO much I didn’t know.

You don’t get to keep the furniture.

According to PopSugar, the furniture Joanna fills the house with are there on loan. But, the homeowners have the option to buy any of the pieces Joanna puts on display. Still, kinda feels a little unfair!

They really do makeover the entire home.

While they don’t always show shots of every single room during the final reveals on “Fixer Upper,” they do makeover the entire home– some rooms just aren’t “staged” like the others for the final reveal.

The makeovers are genuinely high-quality.

It might seem like it would be easy for these shows to just throw some paint on the wall and hope for the best, but Chip and Joanna really do put in their best work. “There’s not a door in my house that isn’t surrounded by beautiful thick wood trim casing,” the cast member told PopSugar.

Chip is actually really goofy in real life, too.

It’s not just for show! The cast member told PopSugar that he kept her and her husband laughing the whole time they filmed.

Joanna is really quiet and reserved.

But the cast member said it’s because she’s constantly coming up with new decorating ideas. “I was in awe of her during our real estate filming day because she was constantly thinking about different cool things about each house,” she said.

While “Fixer Upper” is coming to an end for now, we have high hopes they’ll return one day– or come up with a similar show! In the meantime, we’re patiently awaiting the arrival of Chip and Joanna’s fifth child!