10 Photos Proving This Dad is the Funniest New Dad on Instagram


It’s normal for new dads to overload Instagram with photos of their babies, but Sholom Ber Soloman, a new dad from California, gets especially creative when when he posts pictures of himself with his baby girl, Zoe. The outfits they wear and the scenes he creates will seriously make you laugh out loud.

10 Photos Proving This Dad is the Funniest New Dad on Instagram:

It’s easy to see that Solomon has a good time being a parent, and it certainly looks like Zoe enjoys the photos too. With over 100,000 Instagram fans, it’s pretty obvious that people enjoy seeing their sweet and hilarious moments. Zoe will certainly have the most creative baby book ever, and she’ll always be able to look back and see the funny moments her dad created for the two of them.

Jenny Bradley
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