If You Don’t Love This Photo of George W. Bush and His Rescue Pup, Are You Really American?


No matter what side of the political landscape you fall on these days, you probably like puppies. If you don’t like puppies, but you follow politics, you must cope with the world’s issues differently than most people.

President George W. Bush and Laura Bush love puppies and adopted little Freddy last Fall.

Recently, for the President’s 71st birthday, Laura shared a photo of W. and Freddy being the best of friends and it’s photo every American should love. Just a former POTUS in a dad shirt sitting proudly with his puppy. It’s too good.

Happy Birthday! Looking good at 71 @georgewbush

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Apparently, Freddy is an avid sportsman.

Freddy playing his favorite sport. 📷@georgewbush

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Lauren Cowling
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