11 Gifts Under $50 Every Single Adult in the World Wants and/or Needs

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Shopping for friends and loved ones is hard. I want to spend my money wisely, but I also want to get something they’ll actually use and might need. Or you know, something they want, but they don’t want to buy themselves.

11 Gifts Under $50 Every Single Adult in the World Wants and/or Needs:

1. Duffle Bag

As an adult, sometimes you just don’t need a suitcase. Like, it’s hard to roll a suitcase from Penn Station in New York City to almost anywhere. And even more times as an adult, you don’t need a suitcase and you’re tired of carrying around your high school basketball team bag. Buy the person you love a nice duffle bag.

2. Passwords

Honestly, I kind of love that I provide entertainment to a select group of my friends and family, but at the same time, I’m starting to think I’d be just as happy getting them their own Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go.

3. Camera

It’s cool to be able to take really nice pictures on your phone, but it’s even cooler to take pictures with film. Not on only that, Holga cameras literally take pictures that look like you put them through an Instagram filter.

4. Personality Socks

It’s time to throw away the socks without a mate and the socks with holes in them. It’s also time to start showing a little personality! Stance socks are the coolest. You can pay tribute to almost anything.

Or you can just get a cool pattern.

5. Nice Notebook

I know what you’re thinking– paperless! But, sometimes you just need to write something down and maybe it’s better to do it in a nice notebook rather than the 260 sticky notes piled on your desk.

6. Cool Pen

To go with the nice notebook!

7. Real Cocktail Shaker Set

Yes, a real one and not one someone got free at a liquor store. It makes any home look fancy.

8. Long Charging Cord

Give the gift of freedom this year. Give the gift of an extra-long charging cord.

9. Rain Jacket

There are too many adults in the world that don’t own an actual rain jacket. And unless your loved one lives in Hawaii, you know they actually need one.

10. New Throw Blanket

If you know someone who isn’t replacing their living room blankets every year or so– just go ahead and get them a new one. It’s one of those things you don’t want to spend money on, but you use every single day.

11. New Sweats

Oh, I’m sorry– you know someone who doesn’t come home from work and immediately put on sweats? You know someone who doesn’t have weird stains or rips in their sweats that were probably stolen from a friend in the dorm 15 years ago? Okay, don’t buy new sweats then.