Glamping – Camping with Glamour

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Roughing it in the great outdoors doesn’t have to be rough. The new glamping trend brings many of the comforts of home right to the campsite. There are several glamping destinations in the US, but the rates and travel cost can get expensive. Why not add a little style to your next outing yourself?


Of course you don’t want to be sitting around in the dark after the sun goes down, but upgrade from a regular outdoor lamp. Go with citronella candles outside and some decorative lanterns. Add some battery powered string lights around the campsite. They almost look like lightning bugs! Inside you can also use string lights and scatter around a few flameless candles.


The best advice on tents is get a big one. There is nothing glamorous about being sandwiched in a tiny space for a couple days. Especially when showering options may be limited. Consider one with a large canopy extending from the front door area for added shade. Create a front porch feel with a couple folding chairs and small folding table.


Why go with an army green sleeping bag when there are so many other options? This is the South, right? So nine months out of the year, you will not need a polar weather rated, highly insulated bag. Get an air mattress and fun, brightly colored sheets. Add some coordinating blankets and pillows.

Food and Beverage

If you have a 20-year-old old cooler with mildew inside, please chunk it. There are a variety of coolers available now that can keep ice cold for several days. There is nothing worse than waking up to a cooler full of tepid water. Beer is king on a camping checklist, but if you prefer wine, bring it! Get a bottle with a screwtop and bring some cute plastic cups.


Step away from the hot dogs! You can do better. Invest in a propane powered outdoor oven. You can cook on the rangetop burners or bake in the oven. Imagine the spinach artichoke dip coming out of the oven. Smell the cinnamon rolls baking. Listen to the bacon popping on the stove. I think you get the idea.

The Rest

Complete your fabulous campsite with a battery powered music player to softly supply your favorite playlist. String up a portable nylon hammock for maximum relaxation. You will have created a stylish, comforting oasis to return to after a fun day outdoors. Enjoy!

Image Source: BigStock