Halloween Office Pranks That Will Scare The Crap Out of Your Co-Workers

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Office pranks have a long history in the workplace with a lot of folks finding Halloween to be the perfect holiday to get a good scare out of unsuspecting co-workers. In order to find the best and the scariest pranks, I turned to the web and found a lot of really great ones that even made me a little envious. I mean, who wouldn’t love to work at one of these fun offices? Well, okay, maybe it would be fun if you are the one doing the pranks and not the one being pranked. Whatever the case, everyone enjoys a little fun every now and then, so go for it!

Halloween Office Pranks That Will Scare the Crap Out of Your Co-Workers: 

1. Halloween Murder Mystery

Wouldn’t you be a little freaked out if you found this at your desk?




2. Chuckie

I hope will all of my heart that no one ever does this me. Creep child dolls are just too much. And what is that, a smirk?




3. Headless Co-Worker

Totally scream-worthy.

Little fun in the office #officepranks

A photo posted by Austin Hudak (@atrain_1030) on


Source: atrain_1030


4. Rat in Cabinet

Please tell us they have a video set up.




5. BOO’d

This is fun if it takes place in your neighborhood, not so much at the office!

You’ve Been Booed! #Officepranks #happyhalloween #wegotyou #humor ??

A photo posted by Elisabeth Hope (@elis610) on




6. Window Bugs

If you want to get someone good, this is a great way to do it.

Got back to my desk and my co workers scared the [email protected]&t out of me #halloweenfun #officepranks

A photo posted by MeMe Williams (@m3m61920) on




7. Halloween Decor

These people put forth a lot of effort for this Halloween prank!

It’s never safe to go on vacation around here! At least he’s ready for Halloween & who wouldn’t want an office door? ?

A photo posted by Leah | So, How’s It Taste? (@sohowsittaste) on




8. Spider

Pretty sure we would have to leave the office for the day after finding this.

This is evil! XD #spider #officepranks #arachnophobia

A photo posted by Jessie Marie (@thenerdykittie) on




9. Snake in Fridge

Much like the rat, we really hope there is a video set up. It would be YouTube gold.

That’ll wake a guy up in the morning. #officepranks #gotme

A photo posted by Jess Rowe (@theuselessjuan) on




10. Scream

This would make you want to scream.

Madame Miklagård, pulling pranks since 1986. #halloween #Jönköping #sweden #scream #officepranks

A photo posted by Ozge Oner (@madamemiklagard) on




11. Bug on Phone

Who thinks of these things? 



Image Source:Instagram/@elis610

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