20 Horrible Things People Have Actually Said to Pregnant Women

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Have you heard of the saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?” Well, apparently some people haven’t. I’ve been pregnant three times and have yet to go through an entire pregnancy without a comment like, “Are you sure it’s not twins?” or “You look like you’re about to pop!” For some reason, people seem to lose their filter around pregnant women. I don’t know why that is, but I know I’m not alone. I asked some fellow moms to share the worst comments they’ve received when pregnant, and these are just a few of the horribly, awful responses that we received.

20 Horrible Things People Have Actually Said to Pregnant Women:

1.”Oh, you’re pregnant? I thought you were just fat.”

2. Strange lady at Target: “Don’t have anymore, okay? No one needs more than a boy and a girl.”

3. From the woman’s mother-in-law: “Are you sure the timeline is right? Can the baby possibly be his?”

4. Lady at the post office: “Girl, it looks like you have a watermelon under your shirt.”
Mom-to-be: “Well, I’m pregnant with twins.”
Lady at the post office: “Twins!?! You must have really been getting into it!”


5. Random lady at Walmart: “Oh wow! You are huge! You must be due soon. If not, good luck!”

6. Employee at Old Navy: “You’re how far along? Wow you’re so tiny, don’t worry, you’ll blow up and be huge towards the end.”

7. Stranger: “Your daughter is going to hate you.” (Because she was due near Christmas).

8. “Your belly feels like a puffed up tick.”

9.” You’re having another one? Don’t you know what causes that?”


10. “Oh honey, pregnancy has ruined your body, hasn’t it?”

11. “You’re so big and I feel like you’ve been pregnant forever. Are you sure you’re not having a baby elephant?”

12. “Your vagina will never be the same again. Enjoy it while you can!”

13. “You are definitely pregnant in your face!”


14. The woman’s mother-in-law: “Look at your belly! Even if it’s not the baby at least you can call it that.”

15. “You look so cute…from behind…”

16. How many babies do you have in there, ten? Girl, you look like you’re about to topple over.”

17. Random old man: “Damn, girl you’re a brood mare sure enough.”

18. Old lady at the grocery store: “Oh honey, your vagina is going to rip when you have him.”

19. “You’ll have a hard time losing all that weight.”

20. The woman’s mother-in-law: “You know his father was a 13 pound baby.”


Dear random people, co-workers, and mother-in-laws, please just stop it!
Signed, Every Pregnant Woman Ever