Why We Never Want to Drink Out of Hotel Glasses Again

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Traveling can be rough. Between catching a flight, breathing that dry air in the cabin, and rushing to your accommodations, it’s hard to catch a moment to breathe, let alone stay hydrated. Those little glasses in your hotel bathroom might look pretty inviting after a long day of hauling it, but you might want to rethink grabbing that glass for a drink in the middle of the night. Turns out, recent studies have shown that many housekeepers just rinse the glasses (at best) instead of sanitizing or washing them.

During an undercover study, ABC 7 San Francisco found that most hotel cleaning regimens leave a lot to be desired. Most housekeepers simply towel off the cups and replace the paper cap on top. In one extreme case, a housekeeper cleans the glasses with Lysol mildew remover. Hardly something you want in your body.

Both the law and hotel policies dictate that cups must be washed and sanitized before use, but how close of an eye can massive hotel chains keep on their large number of employees? It’s a bit disturbing, for sure. Next time you’re at a hotel you might opt for a bottle of water instead. Better the $2 on water than Lysol laced free water.