How to Peel an Apple

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It’s apple dessert season and if you are like us, the last thing you want to do is spend a 30 minutes peeling all those apples. Yes, you could be lazy and just leave the peel on, but that would more than likely ruin your dish. And if that dish is for a family gathering, your mother-in-law and/or great-aunt Gert will be less than impressed.

We decided to include two different ways for you to choose from. One involves a drill (yes, really!) and looks really, really fun. The other method is a little more practical while still getting the job done.

How to Peel an Apple:

The first video is by Crazy Russian Hacker and is sure to be hit with the kids or those who are kids-at-heart.


And for those of you who are more practical: 

This video is by Food52 is still super easy and doesn’t require power tools.


Image Source: Big Stock