American Ninja Warrior Finalist Jessie Graff Does A Back Handspring In A Dress And Heels And Gives The Rest Of Us Some Serious Goals

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While also a decorated stuntwoman and martial artist, Jessie Graff is best known for being the first woman to finish the finals course on the show American Ninja Warrior”. After watching her tear through the course, we have no doubt of her skill, but flipping in a dress and heels? That has to be superhuman.

Turns out, Jessie is definitely as superhuman as she seems, performing a back handspring on the red carpet and landing it perfectly, all while wearing a full length dress and heels. Seriously.

While mere mortals would get caught in the dress and probably break both ankles, Jessie lands with a smile and a skip, like she’s been doing it her whole life. Which she probably has. We’ve got some serious workout goals now. Check it out.