Joanna Gaines Shows Off Adorable Baby Bump During First Event at Magnolia Table

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Ever since Joanna Gaines announced her pregnancy in early January, fans (including myself) have been waiting patiently for updates, news and of course, pictures of Joanna Gaines and her adorable baby bump. While Chip and Joanna have yet to share the gender or official due date for baby no. 5, they have shared a few glimpses into their lives as they close out their final season of “Fixer Upper,” prepare for the new baby, and get ready opening of their new restaurant, Magnolia Table.

Over the weekend, Joanna took to Instagram to share a series of photos as she hosted the women from Darling Magazine at the first-ever event to take place at the restaurant.

“There’s just some people you meet and you feel like you’ve known them forever. (Sarah Dubbeldam) @ladydubbs what you stand for, what you create, and who you make space for – it’s such an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for celebrating beauty, creativity, and women in such a raw and organic way. So fun getting our magazine teams together to host this #magnoliaxdarling weekend here in Waco. And even though Magnolia Table doesn’t open for a little over a month, this was the perfect gathering to christen it,” she shared.

I mean, can we just talk about how good she looks? Also, I’m not pregnant but I need that wrap dress. Details, Joanna!