Joanna Gaines Went on a Reorganization Binge Over the Holidays and Proved She’s Just Like the Rest of Us

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As a kid, you probably spent most of your free time over Christmas break playing outside or enjoying your new toys from Santa. As an adult, you use that spare time to catch up on house work and to organize your life, and Joanna Gaines is no exception to this.

Over the holidays, she cleaned out her attic, kitchen and pantry and documented the process on her Instagram story– and y’all, Joanna Gaines hoards as much stuff as the rest of us.

She cleaned out her attic, which is arguably everyone’s most dreaded task. Who in the south doesn’t have a giant letter of their last name in their attic?

They built some new shelving (of course) and now Joanna wants to turn it into a library nook.

If this isn’t me every single time I clean out our pantry…

Where does it all come from?!

Of course, their new kitty made a special appearance!

If only Joanna could come reorganize OUR homes…