This Is Joanna’s Favorite Feature In Her Entire Kitchen (And We Don’t Blame Her)

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We’ve gotten the opportunity to see Chip and Joanna’s home a few times throughout episodes of “Fixer Upper,” and just like you’d expect, the couple’s own house is a picture-perfect fixer upper itself.

According to their blog, Chip and Jo bought their 1895 fixer upper farmhouse in 2012 and spent a year and a half putting it back together. They moved into the home in October of 2013 and to say all of their hard work paid off would be a major understatement– every detail of the house is beautiful from the inside out.

As you can imagine, Jo put a lot of time, thought and energy into planning the decor of their home, saying, “I chose whites and soft neutral tones in the farmhouse so that it would be a calm place for the family when life gets full.” But in an interview with HGTV Magazine, Jo said that her favorite feature throughout her entire kitchen is her antique island.

“I probably stalked that thing for two years,” she said. Just like she does for her her clients on “Fixer Upper,” Jo found the island at an antique store in Waco– she then gave it a facelift by painting it white and putting a concrete counter on top.

We’ll get to see more of Joanna’s decorating genius in the final season of “Fixer Upper,” which begins airing on HGTV on November 21.