44 Products Every Gentleman Needs To Own

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Men love to own things— some are needs, others are wants. When they lose them, they briefly mourn until they are replaced. But there are some things a man just can’t go without. Here are 44 things a man should always own.

1. A Well-Tailored Suit

Know what you need it for, and make sure it fits correctly. Nothing is worse than an improperly fitted suit.

2. A Tuxedo

Even if you rarely wear it, you want to act like you own the joint.

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3. Cufflinks

Stylish enough that when you do wear them, everyone will be amazed.

4. A Blazer

Anything that has sleeves and lapels and can be worn with unmatched pants.

5. Dress Shoes

Properly shined.

6. Cologne

Because every woman loves a man that smells great.

7. A Quality Watch

Whether it’s cheap or expensive, make sure it has meaning and is something you care about.

8. A Pen

One that doesn’t come in multipack set of ten.

9. Sunglasses

Whether they are Wayfarer, Aviator, or Horn-Rimmed, make sure they can go with every occasion and last through all seasons.

10. Headphones

Whether they fit in the ear, over the ear, or on the ear, make sure you have a good set of quality headphones.

11. A Camera

One that’s not on your phone. You need to be able to take a quality picture.

12. A Canvas Bag

Whether for work or for pleasure, an all-purpose bag will always come in handy.

13. A Dopp Travel Kit

A necessity while traveling.

14. A Chef’s Knife

A good, quality knife is a necessity in any kitchen. It just needs to be one that will last.

15. A Cast Iron Skillet

It can go in the oven, it’s impossible to break, and you can cook almost anything in it.


16. A Coffee Maker

One that doesn’t involve pods.

17. A Good Cookbook

Something that is heavy on information with lots of lists.

18. Top Shelf Bottle of Whiskey or Scotch

Only break this one out for special people or on special occasions.

19. Proper Glassware

When serving drinks, it’s the first thing you see and presentation is everything.

20. A Waiter’s Corkscrew

Corkscrews should not be expensive, nor should they require an instructional manual.


21. A Flask

The perfect discreet accessory for any event, and one of the best ways to sneak a swig when the mood strikes.

22. A Lighter

Even if you don’t smoke, you can usually find someone who does.

23. Multi-Purpose Tool

The go-to accessory for projects around the house, on the job, or in the woods.

24. Work Gloves

They allow you to hold things that you could not otherwise comfortably hold. You will need two pairs: leather for the summer, and rubber-coated for the winter.

25. A Pocket Knife

Small enough not to threaten anyone, but big enough to get the job done.

26. A Toolbox

Because a man needs to be able to know how to fix things. The bare minimum should include a couple of screwdrivers, a hammer, tape measure, and a set of pliers.

27. Power Tools

Every man needs a reliable, dependable power tool. And, unless you’re a contractor, eighteen volts is more than enough power.

28. A LED Flashlight

One for the car, the bedside table, and the workbench in the garage.

29. A Chainsaw

How else are you going to clear the tree that fell across your driveway?

30. An Axe

Because chainsaws can only do so much.

31. A Headlamp

It can be used for hiking, caving, or changing a flat tire in the dark. Every man needs a headlamp that’s as adaptive as his lifestyle.

32. A Large Umbrella

You need to be prepared. No matter where you live, it will eventually rain.

33. A Pair of Quality Work Boots

Sneakers are not for working.

34. Boots for Everything Else

These need to be quality enough that you’ll never buy another pair again.

35. Sneakers

Find a pair you don’t mind working in.

36. Jeans

Find a pair you’ll wear until you can’t physically wear them anymore.

37. A Hoodie

Hoodies can be worn anywhere and with anything.

38. A Belt

Preferably leather. One that is well-made and well-worn.

39. A Leather Wallet

Keep it simple, easily accessible, and filled with only the necessities.

40. Exercise Equipment

Every man needs to work out.

41. A TV

One that isn’t too intimidating, but not so small that you need binoculars.

42. Quality Stationary

For letters of thanks and condolences.

43. A Bible

Start each day in prayer. Stop and listen for your next steps.

44. A Valid Passport

Because you never know where a weekend getaway or business trip will take you.