Rapper 2 Chainz and His Dog Trappy Check Out The Most Expensive Guns in the World

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2 Chainz, the man who got his name because he wears two chains, has been sent on a journey by GQ to experience the most expensive things in the world. He’s enjoyed $600 coffee, played with $165,000 kittens, worn $148,000 sunglasses, and drank a $100,000 bottle of water. The funny part of it is that he usually thinks the items aren’t that great. The man may wear two chains, but he isn’t that eccentric.

One of the few places that really impressed him was Pacific Sporting Arms, the premier gun store in America. The first gun 2 Chainz gets to see, the appetizer, is a $25,000 shotgun. In comparison to the other guns he handles, the $25k gun is for peasants.

Warning: Video contains explicit language.

Favorite line: “This is Turkish Walnut. You can see it. It comes from Turkey.”

That’s the least informative description of a gun by a gun expert in the history of guns.

Does this guy know what he’s talking about? I could google these guns and be more informative.

All told, the video is crazy exhibiting Olympic rifles, high end Baretta’s, and $350,000 shotgun sets. The owner Jason claimed 2 Chainz would be surprised by the people who bought these guns, but I doubt it. The people who collect these guns aren’t living in some random apartment in Los Colinas, Texas. They are old men with way too much money, the kind of people who live in rural Texas and try to annex themselves from the United States.

Yes, the guns are beautiful, but I’d rather buy some land and build a house than own a gun I’m afraid to shoot. Hey Trappy, what do you think about these guns?

I’m with Trappy on this one.