New Map Shows What Each State Hates the Most and We Have Some Serious Questions

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In 2006, a study published by the University of Oklahoma found that people really bond by sharing negative attitudes about others. The study found, “We propose that sharing a negative—as compared to a positive—attitude about a third party is particularly effective
in promoting closeness between people. Findings from two survey studies and an experiment support this idea. In
Studies 1 and 2, participants’ open-ended responses revealed a tendency to recall sharing with their closest friends
more negative than positive attitudes about other people. Study 3 established that discovering a shared negative
attitude about a target person predicted liking for a stranger more strongly than discovering a shared positive
attitude (but only when attitudes were weak). Presumably, sharing negative attitudes is alluring because it establishes
in-group/out-group boundaries, boosts self-esteem, and conveys highly diagnostic information about attitude holders.
Despite the apparent ubiquity of this effect, participants seemed unaware of it. Instead, they asserted that sharing
positive attitudes about others would be particularly effective in promoting closeness.”

It should also be noted that the study was done by researchers from OU and their most-hated rival, the University of Texas.

This study lead the creation of Hater, an app that matches people based on shared hates– not hobbies or interests or proximity.

Hater recently released a map of the most hated things in the US, by state, and it’s real interesting.

The West is kind of all over the place.

  • California must be pretty woke because they already hate fidget spinners. I didn’t know fidget spinners were a thing until 6 weeks ago.
  • Why would someone hate K-Cups enough to talk about it? That many people in Seattle like the original Starbucks?
  • If you live in Arizona and hate sand– move.


The Plains will not be bothered with frivolous things.

  • Wyoming doesn’t have time for your dietary needs and North Dakota wants full servings of everything.
  • Nebraksa, as a whole, wants to unsubscribe. Amen, Nebraska.
  • Are we sure Kansas and Colorado were surveyed recently? Who’s still complaining about *NSYNC and “Seinfeld”?

The South took it to a whole new level.

  • Mississippi doesn’t seem like the type of place to air their dirty laundry like this, so obviously there are a number of adults there who really need to go to couples therapy.
  • Louisiana is so Louisiana.
  • Tuna salad must be really gross in Georgia?

The Midwest is as confusing as ever.

  • How many people in Ohio are wasting their days with tying ties? This is a real issue?
  • Hope Jane Austen never wants to visit Detroit.
  • What’s trap music?
  • “Bloggers.” Real LOL.

I kind of feel bad for the East Coast.

  • Hey, New Hampshire– who actually hates God? What a weird thing.
  • In Pennsylvania if you don’t carry your money in a wallet or just in your pocket you will be sent away, I guess?
  • The ladies of Maine have clearly spoken.

So, so weird.

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