Motherhood According to Stock Photography

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Motherhood is hard. That’s no secret. Mothers spend years of their lives caring for, raising and feeding their children. They spend most of their Saturday mornings watching either soccer games or gymnastics meets. They have no time for themselves.

Mothers in stock photos, though, that’s a whole different story.

Mothers in stock photos get to:

1. Bake with their tiny babies without making a mess.

2. Take perfect family photos.

No crying babies here.

3. Frolic through fields on perfectly sunny days in perfect white dresses.

4. Carve pumpkins with no mess.

5. Hang out in the forest casually with their kids.

6. Hang out in the kitchen while looking perfect.

7. Watch while their kids expertly kneed dough.

8. Fight with their kids, but not really.

9. Hang out in the kitchen some more.

How is that cat not flipping its shit?

10. Play with ice cream without dripping any.

Image Source: BigStock