New South Style: Southern Fall Fantasy Escapes

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Country Outfitter New South Style

It’s officially fall – the most wonderful time of the year in the South. Hello, clear blue skies, crisp mornings, and falling leaves. Goodbye, bugs, sweat, and humidity. Y’all don’t come back real soon, you hear?

Northern falls are certainly beautiful, with their hard frosts and blazing colors, but they’re tinged with melancholy at the approach of winter. In the South, no long shadow looms to dampen autumn’s festive spirit. In a way, it’s our second spring—waking us up from the lazy dog days of summer, inviting us to pull on our boots, get outside, and play.

I love Southern fall so much, I want to run away with it. So let’s get the weekend carry-on out of the closet, and pack for a fall fantasy escape.

Luxury Spa Escape

There’s a “girlfriend getaway” spa package at the Alluvian Hotel in Greenwood, Mississippi that sounds perfect for, well, a girlfriend getaway. How fun would it be to rent a snazzy convertible and drive with two or three besties to this luxury hotel in the heart of the storied Mississippi Delta?

When we’re not lounging in lush spa robes, we’ll probably be dining and wining at the historic Giardina’s Restaurant, or shopping the local boutiques, so of course, I’ll need a casually elegant bag. What could go better with my post-spa serenity than a Big Buddha?

Country Outfitter New South Style

Romantic Mountain Escape

“Lavish accommodations and inspiring mountain views?” Oh, Biltmore Village Inn, you had me at “lavish.” But a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and country estate ambiance don’t hurt either. My gentleman and I will take the Vanderbilt Suite with the double Jacuzzi hot tub. We’ll also want one of your picnics-to-go for horseback riding around the historic Biltmore Estate, where I will be pretending to be the blue blood heroine of a romance novel in my classic Frye riding boots.

Country Outfitter New South Style

Cosmopolitan City Escape

City living doesn’t get slicker than the ultra-hip, high-concept W New Orleans in the French Quarter. It looks like the perfect base from which to mount an exploration of all the Crescent City has to offer, in culture and cuisine. Such a fabulous, cosmopolitan destination deserves nothing less than a fabulous, cosmopolitan bag, like the Michael Kors Jet Set monogram tote.

Country Outfitter New South Style

Offbeat Retreat

Sometimes you want to get off the beaten path, and really retreat. I’d love to indulge my inner eccentric rock star with a weekend escape to the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Parthenon, Arkansas. Occupied since at least 1823, the cave has been an Indian outpost, an outlaw hideout, a survivalist bunker, and a nightclub, according to Garden and Gun magazine, who note that a helipad was added in the late 80s to accommodate Hollywood celebrities. Today, it’s a luxury, 5-bedroom lodge.

I’m not sure what to pack for a weekend in a cave, but a really distinctive pair of cowboy boots seems appropriate for a undeniably unique setting. My inner eccentric rock star says keep it exotic with Luchesse Jungle Python for him, and Rustic Chestnut Lizard for me.

Don’t tip the paparazzi off to our location.

What’s your Southern fall fantasy escape?

Country Outfitter New South Style

Images: Biltmore Village Inn

Photo Credit: K.Hurley via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: paul bica via Compfight cc