7 Things Older Siblings Are Good For

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Growing up with older siblings isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be down right hard when you’re the little brother or sister (like I was), but if you think really hard (like really, really hard), you may come up with a few things that older siblings are actually good for.

7 Things Older Siblings Are Good For:

1. They keep you humble.
If ever you start to get a big head, you can count on your siblings to take you down a notch (or two). You give a big speech and are feeling pretty proud of yourself, and they’re the ones that let you know your fly was down the whole time.

2. They give you trust issues.
Older siblings prepare you for conmen and shady used car salesmen. You learned from the best after falling for their scams one too many times – like when they dared you, “I bet you don’t know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” You sure showed them wrong, and they gave you a knowing smile and enjoyed that PB&J.

3. They make you tough.
When you’re the little brother or sister, you learn to roll with the punches and be willing to get a few scraped knees and bruises along the way. You can’t go crying to mom every time you get hurt or you won’t be allowed to play with the big kids the next time.

4. They show you what NOT to do.
Kids make stupid decisions, and sometimes that’s to the advantage of a younger sibling. You learn all the things NOT to do. My big sister taught me NOT to put my tennis racket into my bicycle spokes while I’m riding it. Thanks to her, I never had to learn that for myself.

5. They keep bullies at bay.
You may fight like cats and dogs with your older siblings, but if anyone else has the audacity to mess with you – they’ll be in for it.

6. They teach you that life’s not fair.
Some people make it all the way to adulthood before learning that life’s not really fair, but when you have older siblings, you learn that pretty early in life. Like when you get in trouble because your mom sees you hitting your big brother, but she missed the fact that he hit you first.

7. They make you laugh until you cry.
To this day, no one can make me laugh like my older siblings. Despite the fact that they teased me, conned me, humbled me, and occasionally gave me a few hard knocks, my older siblings are some of my best friends and I’m grateful that they’re part of my life.