10 Times Joanna Gaines and Her Sister Were Just Like You and Your Sister

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If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Fixer Upper,” you know that Joanna Gaines is a big-time family gal. We’re in the midst of Chip and Jo’s final season of “Fixer Upper,” and we got to see a little bit more into Joanna’s world when she remodeled a house for her sister and her family. Shortly after, Joanna was by her sister’s side as she welcomed a new baby into the world, and announced her own pregnancy.

In honor of their sisterhood (and all sisterhoods), here are 10 times Joanna and her sister were just like you and you sister.

10 Times Joanna Gaines and Her Sister Were Just Like You and Your Sister:

1. They go to Dairy Queen together.

They have sister nights complete with pizza, ice cream and shopping. And mustaches.

2. They goof off together in public.

They take their daughters out together and wind up acting a little bit like children themselves.

3. They go to the salon together.

And read up on the latest gossip (P.S. notice Chip and Joanna are on the cover of the People magazines they’re holding, LOL)

4. They go on cupcake runs together.

“Well I thought my little sister came to visit me this week but I think she actually came for a cupcake. Or two. Or twenty.” LOL

5. They pose for Insta-worthy pics together.

And they’re both self-proclaimed crazy plant ladies!

6. They can’t take a normal selfie.

This is always what happens to me and my sister after too many failed attempts at a cute picture.

7. They go on double dates.

And they enjoy what they call “Family inlucks” where they get the whole crew together.

8. They have decorating parties together.

But imagine if Joanna Gaines was your sister and at your disposal for decorating advice at ALL TIMES!

9. They support each other through everything.

And they celebrate each other’s biggest life moments– like welcoming a new baby!

10. They’re basically BFFs.

No matter what, they are sisters through thick and thin!