Ree Drummond Shares Beautiful Tribute to Late Mother-in-Law: “Life is Beautiful”

Ree Drummond is always open and honest with her followers— including when times get tough. Ree recently shared that her mother-in-law had passed away and now, she’s sharing a beautiful tribute to her.  “Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook/Instagram, but I wanted to post here as well that my beautiful mother-in-law … Read more

Ree Drummond Shares News of Mother-in-Law’s Passing: “She Was Magnificent”

Sad news from The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.  Ree took to her Instagram to share the news that her husband Ladd’s mother had passed away.  “Nan. My mother-in-law, my husband’s mom, my children’s grandmother, my friend. We lost her last night, and I’m not sure any of us know quite what we’re going to do … Read more

The Pioneer Woman Boarding House is Officially Open for Business and ‘Cowboy Luxury’ Never Looked So Good

Pioneer Woman hotel

If you follow along with Ree Drummond, you know that she and her husband, Ladd, have been working towards opening their hotel in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, called The Pioneer Woman Boarding House. After months of anticipation, the PW Boarding House is officially taking reservations, and I can’t pack my bags fast enough. “The Boarding House is … Read more

9 Must-Have Items From The Pioneer Woman’s Spring Collection at Walmart

Just when I think The Pioneer Woman can’t outdo herself, she does– again and again. Her spring collection for Walmart is living proof of it. From cups to plates and cookware, the spring additions might be some of my favorites yet. 9 Must-Have Items From The Pioneer Woman’s Spring Collection at Walmart: 1. 10-Piece Gradient Mint Cookware … Read more

Whose Lasagna Recipe is Better: Ree Drummond or Giada De Laurentiis?

Every chef has their own “secret sauce” that makes a recipe their own– even with something as simple and basic as lasagna can have a completely different taste after switching up a few ingredients. The team at Delish put The Pioneer Woman’s lasagna recipe against Giada De Laurentiis’, and despite the fact that Giada is a … Read more

This Video of Ree Drummond Fighting With Her Puppy Makes Me Feel Like a Normal Person

Ree Drummond is one of those people on social media who seemingly has it more together than Martha Stewart. I know she’s not perfect, but she can definitely style a meal and run an empire better than I can. Unless she’s dealing with her puppy Henry that is. Ree’s most recent Instagram video is just … Read more

Everything We Know (So Far) About The Pioneer Woman’s Boarding House

In case you missed it, The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is opening up a little hotel in her hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and we cannot wait to take a visit! While the official opening date of the hotel has yet to be announced, Ree has shared lots of small details about Pawhuska’s newest addition that have … Read more

13 Times Ree Drummond Was Rightfully Obsessed With Her Basset Hounds

If you follow The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, on social media, you know that she’s pretty much obsessed with her pups. She even has some basset hound-themed decor in her Pioneer Woman line at Walmart! In January of last year, Ree shared that their long-time family dog, Charlie, had died. “Charlie, our beloved Basset Hound, … Read more