The Pioneer Woman’s Latest Walmart Collection Is Here And It’s Perfect

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I’m starting to think that Ree Drummond can do no wrong. To be honest, I think I’m starting to get a girl crush. Every time I make a trip to Walmart, I find myself perusing the home goods aisle just for the latest and greatest from The Pioneer Woman. I can’t help it.

Her newest line at Walmart is called Willow, and to say it’s perfect might be an understatement. The products are classy, timeless, and feature the same color hues she uses in the majority of her collections: reds, blues, yellows and lots of florals.

Here’s A Look At The Pioneer Woman’s Latest Walmart Line:

She even took to Instagram to do a giveaway of some of her favorite pieces!

Seriously, can you even handle how cute it is? You can get this 12-inch Lazy Susan for under $20 at Walmart. It’s made from natural Acacia wood but is able to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Okay, so I don’t need new measuring spoons in the traditional sense of the word, but I do need these! And at the price of $12.89, they’re practically a steal.

And this cookbook holder?? It’s the perfect shade of Tiffany blue and costs just under $22. Ree Drummond, I salute you.

This serving platter is perfect for all of those upcoming holiday parties! And believe it or not, you can grab it for just under $20.

And the dinner plates to match!

How cute is this little organizer drawer? It’s perfect for holding K-Cups, tea bags, or other knick-knacks

To be honest, she kind of drops the mic with these flea market inspired mini pitchers! You can get the set with all four for under $30.