20 Reasons My Kid Is Crying

20 Reasons My Kid Is Crying

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I have three kids under the age of five; so there’s a lot of crying at our house. Sometimes it’s legitimate-– they’re hurt or sick or even just overly tired. But sometimes, they cry for the most ridiculous reasons ever, and I’m not talking one little bitty tear. They fall to the floor and sob, gasping for breath and giving me the most pitiful (or scornful) looks you could ever imagine– for the most ridiculous reasons ever.

Sometimes, as a parent, you immediately try to console the poor kid, and sometimes (like these parents), you just take a picture to document the ridiculousness.

1. There’s a hole in his macaroni.

2. He’s not allowed to play with wasp spray.

3. Her string cheese was too stringy.

4. Her mom can’t make the garbage truck come back.


5. His mean mom won’t let him play with trash in the living room.

6. His mom makes him brush his teeth!


7. Her parent gave her exactly what she wanted.

8. He couldn’t give his M&M’s to the dog.


9. His Mom had the audacity to give him a kiss and tell him, “I love you.”

10. She wants to suck her thumb, but she shook Mickey Mouse’s hand; and he’s dirty.

11. His heartless mother won’t let him eat raw bacon.


12. He went all the way to Rome, and didn’t get to see any gladiators fight.

13. The dumb snail went back inside its shell.

14. Her mom won’t let her eat dog food.

15. His parents won’t give him beer.


16. She wasn’t allowed to use a dinner plate as a hat.


17. Her dad won’t let her stand on the coffee table.

18. His mom won’t him flush the toilet while she’s sitting on it.

19. His mom won’t let him play with the toilet brush

20. Her mom told her she’s three-year-old, not four.

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