Ree Drummond Documented a Morning on the Ranch With Her Husband Ladd and It Was Serene

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The Pioneer Woman and her husband Ladd are quickly becoming one of my favorite couples ever.

Ree has talked openly about her love for her cowboy and his Wrangler jeans (and why wouldn’t she?), and now she’s sharing a glimpse of what a morning on the Drummond Ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma looks like.

“I love going to work with Ladd. Whether he’s feeding cattle or chopping holes in the ice so they can drink, I think his quiet, steady dedication to his daily work is one of the things I like most about him. I also like his jeans,” she said.

I mean, check out that view! Breathtaking!

Marlboro Man, AKA Ladd, coming in with his truck to start feeding.

She says that Marlboro Man is “very calculating.” LOL. Also Ree, aren’t you freezing??

Just Marlboro Man chopping away at the ice on the pond.

“This is the only water source for the cattle in this pasture and they have to drink,” she said. True!

Getting ready to feed some more cows.

LOL, classic Ree.

Seriously though, that VIEW!