9 Easter Bunnies That Literally Made Us Fear for Our Lives

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If you’ve ever stopped to listen to the words of “Peter Cottontail” you might get a lot worried about how well Peter knows you and your family. Like, how does Peter know your mom wants an orchid?

And if this line doesn’t scare you, what does?

You’ll wake up on Easter mornin’
And you’ll know that he was there


Peter isn’t the only bunny scaring children around Easter time. These bunnies are everywhere.

11 Easter Bunnies That Literally Made Us Fear for Our Lives:

1. Why is this bunny hanging out on the pet food aisle? Is he hungry? Homeless?


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2. This bunny’s pose is too casual. He’s just waiting for the right time to hippity-hoppity into your home while you sleep.



3. This was supposed to be a candid photo, but the bunny knew it was being taken and decided to stare into your soul.



4. It looks like this bunny just got released from prison and those kids know it.


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5. You don’t know fear until you casually run into this bunny at your neighborhood gas station. Now, he knows your schedule.




6. Animals are too trusting. And this bunny is after your beloved Golden Retriever. What’s next– grandma?


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Hi guys! My friend @georgieandme asked me to #smileitforward 😃 I was SO EXCITED to meet the Easter bunny. (I think he even forgave my little stealing of the Easter basket presents earlier in the week). Are you going to see the Easter bunny? Would my friends @happystellapup @bingoooo1 @graciethegoldenhero and @closeupsofcaptain like to join and #smileitforward ? #goldensofig #goldenretriever #goldenretrieversofinstagram #betterwithpets #dogsofinstagram #fluffypack #gloriousgoldens #cute #welovegoldens #ilovemydog #dogcrushdaily #retrieveroftheday #goldenlife #featuregoldens #goldenretrieverfeatures #goldenretrieverft #ProPlanDog #ilovegolden_retrievers #mydogiscutest #retrieversgram #idratherbewithmydog #Easter #easterbunny #happy #adorable

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7. This bunny is bold he doesn’t even try to disguise himself.




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More from the weirdest Easter Bunny EVER!!!!

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8. This bunny is casually strolling the streets looking for prey.



9. This bunny thought holding up a carrot would make him seem more approachable.