7 Insane Shoe Hacks You’ve Got to Try

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We’ve all had those days where shoes just don’t work. They slip, they break, they don’t fit, they get soaking wet in the rain. For all those ‘bad shoe days’, we’ve got some solutions to hopefully make your day better. Check them out.

1. Waterproof Cloth Shoes

If you love your Toms, Converse, or Sperry’s but hate getting them wet, there’s an easy hack that can put an end to your wet shoe woes forever. Rub some inexpensive beeswax over the parts you want to waterproof, and blow dry to set. Never wear a sopping wet pair of shoes again.

2. Try Your Shoes on At Night

Feet are at their largest at night, meaning shoes bought in the morning can feel pretty cramped later in the day. To prevent this from happening, go on your shopping sprees at night. Your feet will thank you.

3. Use Pool Noodles in Your Boots

And you thought these were just for whacking friends with at a pool party. Cut a (preferably unused) pool noodle in half, stick them inside the boot, and keep your boots in prime condition through summer months.

4. Middle School Can Help

If you thought you would never use that school knowledge elsewhere, you were wrong. To loosen tight shoes, stick a ziplock bag of water inside, freeze, and let the expansion of water do the work. This works well for overall tight shoes, or tight shoe boxes that you’re having trouble cramming your feet into.

5. Hairspray Can Help More Than Your Hair

If you spend most of your day slipping around in your shoes, coat your feet in some hairspray before slipping them on. The sticky consistency of the spray will keep your feet in place more easily, leading to fewer blisters and happier days.

6. Nail Polish Remover Helps Take Care of Your White Shoes

Nail polish isn’t the only thing this stuff removes. For tough scuffs and stains like those found on the white portion of Converse or Sperry’s, use nail polish remover to easily scrub the stains away, leading to a brand new pair of kicks.

7. Shower Caps Can Protect Your Shoes While Traveling

In the past I’ve opted for the plastic grocery bag, but shower caps both fit the shoes snugly, and keep the pair together efficiently and neatly in the suitcase. A winning combination for sure.