You’ll Never Believe How This Silicone Dress Was Made

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Clothing creation and design hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. The same techniques we might learn from grandmothers and aunts have been used for centuries to make dresses, blouses, and pants. So you might think you would recognize the techniques that go into dress creation.

Not so with these dresses. With new technology comes new ways to make incredible art in the form of clothing, and Iris van Herpen isn’t afraid to try something new. This designer uses 3D printing and material manipulation to make clothing that feels like something out of the Hunger Games, and looks even better.

With the use of synthetic materials, you would think the look would be synthetic, but nothing is further from the truth. This dress collection embodies organic materials like water, bones, and shells. Watch this beautiful process below and see how much work goes into something this incredible.